Vegetables Box E 新鲜蔬菜配套 E [Suitable for Stir Fry]


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What's in the Vegebox E (Suitable for Stir Fry) 
This box caters to approximately 6 to 8 people.

1) Chinese Celery (200gm)

2) Spring Onion (200gm)

3) Tomatoes (500gm)

4) Xiao Bai Chye (350gm)

5) Eggplant (500gm)

6) Hot Chili (200gm)

7) Romaine Lettuce (500gm)

8) Green & Red Lettuce (500gm)

9)French Bean (350 gm)

10) Carrots (300gm)

11) Pearl Corn (1pc)

* In circumstances where the stock for a particular item is out, we will replace it with an item of similar value.

* Do note that there may be a slight difference in weight of every product or items in the boxes.