Gifting employees the gift of health

Nothing beats ensuring that employees are healthy and appreciated during this trying period


Covid-19 has definitely impacted the workforce and many are forced to work from home. As an employer, a simple gesture to show your care towards your employees can go a long way in ensuring that they feel cared for and valued in this trying period.


According to Patriot Small Business, a blog that provides business tips and training, one of the things that employers can do for employees during the Covid-19 outbreak is giving them gifts. Not only can giving gifts lift up your employees’ spirits, it also shows your appreciation to them.


If you are an employer in Singapore, you can consider giving your employees a box of fruits sent straight to their doorsteps with iTask Groceries. Not only are fruits healthy, they can be shared among the employee’s family as well!


iTask Groceries’ fruit boxes come with a variety of fruits of different combinations that have differing benefits from each other. Our fruit boxes include:


Fruits Box A - For Crystal Clear Skin

Fruits Box B- For Energy Boost

Fruits Box C- For Weight Loss

Fruits Box D- For Vitamin ABC

Fruits Box E- Energy Boost & Vitamin


Of course, we have many more combinations to choose from! If none of the fruit boxes appeals to you, you can even customise your own fruit box!


Apart from sending fruits, a heartfelt message to thank your employees will definitely be a way to express your appreciation. You can leave a customised message on iTask’s greeting card with every box you purchase and we will send your card and fruits to the stated receiver. 


Although it is uncertain when will employees be able to go back to work, one thing that is certain is your care and appreciation towards your employees. Make your appreciation known by gifting your employees with a fruit box by shopping on iTask Groceries today!