Sending appreciation in boxes

Sending appreciation in boxes

Appreciation can come in so many forms, but have you seen it coming in boxes?

2020 may be a dark year for everyone but some kind souls are using their own ways to bring sunshine into our lives! Becca, a 30-year-old who works as a role in regional operations is one of such.

On 30th April 2020, 16 boxes of fruits that Becca and her friends ordered from iTask Groceries were delivered to the National Centre for Infectious Diseases (NCID). When asked how she felt when she did this act of generosity with her friends, Becca replied that she “felt good to actually do something to show our (their) appreciation”.

Becca and her friends even wrote a card for the NCID frontline workers with iTask’s greeting card. They wrote: “Thank you for being in the frontline, fighting relentlessly for us. Small gesture of our appreciation. Hope you enjoy the fruits! Thank you!”

Becca’s choice for using iTask Groceries to show her appreciation stems from seeing iTask Groceries on the Pasar United Facebook page. She saw that iTask met her criteria of offering at least 10 different types of fruits at an affordable price.  

Lastly, if there was one thing that Becca wants to tell the public, that would be that action speaks louder than words and she hopes the public will be inspired to do the same.

If you are interested in sending your appreciation or love to anyone too, iTask is here to provide a variety of fruit and vegetable boxes to cater to your needs. You can even leave a sweet message on the box using iTask’s greeting card.